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4-AD Review

What is Androdiol?

Androdiol (Androstenediol, 4 Diol, 4 Andro, 4- Androstenediol or 4-AD) is a naturally occurring androgen metabolite which is both a direct precursor to and a metabolite of testosterone. Androstenedione is an obscure compound that is not widely discussed in scientific literature as are other androgens. All mammals produce Androdiol in their gonads and adrenal glands.

What does Androdiol do?

Supplementation with Androdiol supplies the body with the immediate precursor of testosterone which optimizes the body's natural testosterone production. Testosterone is a hormone that is crucially necessary for healthy muscle mass, strength and energy. Optimal levels of the body's own natural testosterone help to keep red blood cells healthy, sex drive strong, protein production rapid and immune system operation balanced.

The oral form of 4-AD is metabolized in the liver to become testosterone via an enzymatic pathway that accomplishes this conversion much more efficiently than Androstene (another popular testosterone enhancer). The limiting factor in converting both Androstene and Androdiol to testosterone is the ability of the body to replenish the necessary "conversion" enzymes. When Androstene and Androdiol are utilized concurrently, they produce an additional increase in testosterone. "Stacking" the two makes perfect sense because the combination of both substances in the body ensures a plentiful supply of the above-mentioned vital "conversion" enzymes.

4-AD, when taken orally, has the potential to increase blood levels of both Androdiol and testosterone significantly. Benefits may also include increased energy and enhanced recovery and repair after exercise. Some individuals taking Androstenedione report feelings of heightened sexual arousal as well as a greater sense of overall well being.

Is Androdiol like anabolic steroids?

No. 4-AD occurs naturally in the human body and safely encourages heightened testosterone production. Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of testosterone which over time can have a strong negative impact on the endocrine system and can down-regulate the production of one's own natural testosterone. Androdiol, used according to label instructions, is natural, safe and legal, while anabolic steroids are illegal and may over time cause some permanent inhibition of the body's natural testosterone production. 4-AD is the single best "food" available to support the natural healthy production of the body's own testosterone.

Is there any reason not to take Androdiol?

Men who have prostate problems and women who may have a predisposition towards breast cancer should only take Androdiol under the care of their doctor. It is also recommended that those taking Androdiol should have their doctor monitor their levels of testosterone and estrogen for any potentially unhealthy fluctuations. Because 4-AD is an androgen (male hormone), women should watch for signs of masculinization, such as increased growth of facial hair, and if this occurs, decrease or discontinue supplementation with 4-AD.

Note: In the US 4-AD is against the law and no longer legal to buy or use.

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