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Bodybuilding Mr. Olympia History
The Mr. Olympia contest is an international bodybuilding show which is held annually by the International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB). The competition was invented by Joe Weider as a championship to allow the Mr. Universe winners to continue competing and to earn money. The winner is condisered the best professional bodybuilder in the world.

A List of Mr. Olympia Winners
Year Held The Winner Contest City
1965 Larry Scott New York
1966 Larry Scott New York
1967 Sergio Oliva New York
1968 Sergio Oliva New York
1969 Sergio Oliva New York
1970 Arnold Schwarzenegger New York
1971 Arnold Schwarzenegger Paris
1972 Arnold Schwarzenegger Essen
1973 Arnold Schwarzenegger New York
1974 Arnold Schwarzenegger New York
1975 Arnold Schwarzenegger Pretoria
1976 Franco Columbu Columbus
1977 Frank Zane Columbus
1978 Frank Zane Columbus
1979 Frank Zane Columbus
1980 Arnold Schwarzenegger Sydney
1981 Franco Columbu Columbus
1982 Chris Dickerson London
1983 Samir Bannout Munich
1984 Lee Haney New York
1985 Lee Haney Brussels
1986 Lee Haney Columbus
1987 Lee Haney Gothenburg
1988 Lee Haney Los Angeles
1989 Lee Haney Rimini
1990 Lee Haney Chicago
1991 Lee Haney Orlando
1992 Dorian Yates Helsinki
1993 Dorian Yates Atlanta
1994 Dorian Yates Atlanta
1995 Dorian Yates Atlanta
1996 Dorian Yates Chicago
1997 Dorian Yates Los Angeles
1998 Ronnie Coleman New York
1999 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas
2000 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas
2001 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas
2002 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas
2003 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas
2004 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas
2005 Ronnie Coleman Las Vegas

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