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Androstene Review

The History of Androstene

Trivial name: Androstenedione
Systematic name: Androst-4-ene-3,17-dione
Molecular formula: C19H26O2

A lot of people have been ranting about androstenedione for quite some time now. Anyway, here is the story behind this new buzzword in the supplement market.

Androstenedione was synthesized in 1935. A year later Dr. Charles Kochakian discovered that androstenedione had both androgenic and anabolic effects. These effects however, were only significant in castrated dogs, and even then much weaker than the effects of testosterone. In 1962, a couple of scientists gave normal women either 100-mg of DHEA or 100-mg of androstenedione. The doses were mismatched for both bioavailability and known biological activity, but both hormones increased testosterone levels to six times above normal. However, the increase in testosterone lasted only for about two hours and the peak level for only a few minutes. In another study, referred to in the German patent application form (read more further down), two groups of men were given either 50 or 100-mg of androstenedione. With the lower dosage the testosterone levels increased by 211% and with the higher dosage up to 237%.

The story begins in former East Germany

The research and development of effective chemical drugs was once a huge industry in East Germany. In the 70's, East German scientists begun to develop androstenedione as an adjunct to testosterone-based anabolic steroids. Androstenedione was in one way more interesting than most of the other drugs because of the difficulty to find traces of it in drug tests. In just a few days all signs of any abuse were gone, yet the effects met up to satisfactory.
The East German scientists developed androstenedione to be taken nasally similar to taking common nasal spray. By taking it this way, they achieved the fastest effect possibly and at the same time, it would be out of the system in "no time". The interesting part is that they used it as a "mental performance booster", and not to build muscle or strength. Powerhouse Supplements only provides top quality articles and supplements.

Androstenedione is a direct hormone precursor of testosterone and is chemically classified as an androgen. It's found in humans, animals and many plants. It's produced in all mammals by the gonads and the adrenal glands. Androstenedione disrupts the balance between testosterone and epitestosterone in the same way as other testosterone-related drugs do. It will raise your testosterone/epitestosterone ratio from 2-3:1 to about 14:1, which will make you test positive in a drug control. (The Olympic Committee allows a ratio up to 6:1) Androstenedione has no muscle building effects on its own; it has to be converted to testosterone by the liver in order to produce any effect. You'll also have to consider the facts that your testosterone levels has to be elevated for a longer period of time for any muscle mass gains to occur. The question is if a two hours elevation of testosterone levels is enough. Contact an ISSA or Parrillo Certified Personal Trainer at Powerhouse Supplements for additional information on products, articles, nutrition, or training.

If you decide to use Androstene - what you should know

Common side effects related to elevated testosterone levels are for example, gland enlargement, gland cancer, hair loss, water retention, lower LDL levels, impotence, acne and lower production of testosterone. Some of these side effects are in relation to the rate of transformation of testosterone to estrogen. Especially women should avoid elevated testosterone levels because they could lead to lasting changes such as, deep voice, beard, enlargement of genitals, and male lineament. These effects are permanent! Women should not use androstenedione and males should be aware of the risks. However, if you use the recommended dosages, the risk of any severe side effect should be minimal. It's recommended to take 100-mg once every day before your workouts for four weeks. You should also consider taking antioxidants like vitamin E while taking androstenedione. This might be a good idea since androstenedione increases the production of free radicals, which might lead to cell damage. Younger people that are still growing should not take androstenedione because elevated androgen-levels may stop their natural skeletal growth.

Note: In the US Androstene is against the law and no longer legal to buy or use.

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