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Bodybuilding Posing to Impose

By Ron Yacovetti

So there you are, the day of your competition has finally arrived. Probably felt like it would always be something coming up soon for you. Prejudging was rough and very close. The only conceivable thought you can muster is "Did I place in the top five?" Everything you COULD have possibly done in addition to what you DID do, races through your mind. Was there anything else you could have done to make the difference, to enhance your score in the eyes of the judges? YES! For the evening show still remains and a stellar posing routine can split your score from that of a competitor who may be tied with you. Here's where my point takes root.

First of all, you have to select poses with which you will construct your routine. In doing so, carefully segregate the poses you like and look good doing, versus those you like, yet that don't really suit your body type. Let me say this from experience...It's not so easy. Often bodybuilders see their favourite pros doing poses that they admire, yet don't work for them at all. Save yourself from this trap. It can cause more harm than you may imagine.

The best thing to do in that situation is test it. Attempt executing the pose over and over again until you are certain that you are in fact doing it correctly. If after that, it still looks inadequate, discontinue it, period. One of the simplest ways to approach designing your posing routine would best be conveyed by an adage applied to every sport imaginable..."Start with the basics."

Most bodybuilders include some of the mandatory poses performed during the prejudging within their musical posing routines.

These poses are:

-Front Double Biceps
-Front Lat Spread
-Rear Double Biceps
-Rear Lat Spread
-Abdominals and Thighs
-Side Chest
-Side Triceps ( both sides)
-Most Muscular (Crab or hands on Hips)

Mandatory poses are basic and relatively easy to do. Even the artistic posers utilise them in their award winning routines. It makes much more sense to build a firm foundation of poses beginning with the mandatories than just starting out with the fancy stuff. Be aware that some Bodybuilding Organisations may require all eight mandatories within the musical routine; some may not...ask the specific promoter. Once you've mastered the mandatories, the next step toward finesse is to master graceful transitions. To the average bodybuilder this is not such an important phase and is often overlooked.

By definition, a transition for a bodybuilder is a POSE IN MOTION. Just because it is a time-lapse between poses DOES NOT mean that the judges and/or audience are not contraire. If your transitions are fluent, confident, and compatible to the succeeding pose, it will enhance the routine big time.

The next step is utilising the creative and artistic poses. These moves blend well with smooth transitions. Artistic posing almost resembles a ballet routine held frozen in time. This style of posing usually appears to be emotional in stature. As such, it means that basic poses, like a side chest, come across hard and bold. Contrary to that would be a tilted pose where the bodybuilder looks toward and reaches for the sky. The eye contact the competitor makes, coupled with the reaching posture and the music, creates a feeling portrait of dynamic musculature.

One important element to pay attention to at this juncture is your facial expression. Next time you go to a contest, check out how many contestants appear to be in pain or in need of a restroom in a hurry. Smiling, as well as an entire array of expressions can color your routine. Don't just agonize and let it show. Remember that artistic posing must appear as such and not unorthodox. Try it, feel it and study those who execute it well. If it doesn't feel right, you guessed it, drop it. Style, just as in any field, is individual, so don't wave your right to self expression. It is what separates you from the pack.

Pay attention to your music as well. Smooth and fluent poses paired with hard core thrash music is about as pleasant to watch as blindfolded driver's test...and often as disastrous. Make certain your music and routine go hand in hand with each other. An avid poser can sense when a particular song lends itself to the possibility of being choreographed. For the beginner it is usually best to consult with an experienced and reputable poser. At last I conclude my rant. Be aware that outside of being fun to do, posing is an essential part of a bodybuilder's career and should be taken seriously. Posing is a product of music, emotion and art. Remember that the best posers are both artist and athlete. In posing there are no professionals, only those who are led by the rhythm of their hearts.

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