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Bulking Up
by Raiderman72 of IBCOF

If you truly want to grow on a bulking phase you have to do HEAVY compound lifts. On leg day figure out what kind of lifts you are gonna do-calf raises, leg presses, lunges, whatever and then end your set with a 20 rep set of squats. Find a weight where you are sweating blood after ten reps then do twenty. It will take you time to finish te set. I have taken three minutes standing there holding the bar between the last 2-3 reps.

This will get your body to release more testosterone than you ever dreamed possible and this is what will make you GROW. Do the same with back day. Figure out what exercises you are gonna use to. Weighted chins, rows, and twenty rep deads is my back work out. DO the same as the squats- find a weight that you are sweating blood after ten reps and force 20 reps outta your body. Then I go do some farmers walks with as much weight as my grip will allow me to hold for time and/or distance till I cannot hold onto the dumbells any longer.

As far as the rest of your workout check out the mods sights for what you want to do for arms, chest, shoulders etc. but do three sets of 10, 8, and 6 reps In each lift pick a weight that you can do ten reps and fail with. Then add 10-20 lb. and do eight. If you only get 6 or seven that is cool you will get eight with that weight in a week or two. then add 10 (or more) lb. and try and do six reps. If you only get 4 or 5, don't sweat it you will get the 6 reps soon. When you can do 10 reps using the 8 rep weight this becomes your ten rep weight, the 6 rep weight becomes your 8 rep weight and you now have a heavier 6 rep weight. If you do this you will bulk up hardcore.

It will not be easy but do not give up. This does work. As far as bulking diet goes I eat 2-2.5 grams of protien when I am lifting like this. I try to get 45-50% of my diet from protein, 25-30% from carbs and 25% from healthy fats (olive oil, flax oil and am gonna start using hemp oil as I have read that it is a complete fat that your body will use very well). You gotta get 10+ hours of sleep a night using this training method or your gains will be diminished. Drink 2+ gallons of water a day. You will also need to get an alarm clock that gives you multiple settings and set it so you can wake up every three hours and get a protien shake during your sleep hours. Get a shake that will give you 35-40 grams per serving. This will help you gain bulk more than anything. one more thing on the protien intake- add three 10 gram servings of glutamine every eight hours (give or take a little here) to prevent catabolism. and train like this for six weeks and then take a week off. I mean take a week off-no basketball, hockey, RUNNING (this will totally kill your bulking), cardio, etc. you want to give your body complete and total rest.

Adjust your calorie intake so that you are gaining 1-2 lbs a week. Anymore will be love handle city. Keep a complete record of diet and rest and training and growth gains so you can see what is working and what is not working for you.

And last but not least change your routines around every six weeks so you don't let your body become complacent by adapting to your routine. Keeping the body guessing also aids in bulking up.

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