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Calcium Pyruvate Supplement Review

What is Calcium Pyruvate?

Calcium Pyruvate HCA is an all natural mixture containing 500 mg of calcium pyruvate and 10 mg Garcinia cambogia that was designed to aid in the reduction of fat and increase exercise performance. Calcium pyruvate is a combination of pyruvic acid and calcium. When pyruvate is combined with sodium, potassium, magnesium or calcium it forms a stable compound known as a pyruvate salt. It is then able to be absorbed by the body without irritation. This process is a complex one, which is the main reason why this product has just recently become available to the consumer. 

It is believed that pyruvate helps improve muscular performance and endurance by enhancing "glucose extraction" (glucose extraction is the process by which glucose, the primary fuel used by muscles for activity, is transported from the blood stream into the muscles). In fact, the study that measured arm endurance showed an increase of glucose extraction by almost 300% after one hour of exercise. The pyruvate mixture was also shown to increase glucose extraction with the subjects at rest which led to a 50% increase in muscle glycogen (a source of stored energy). Because glucose is an important fuel for the body, increased in glucose extraction and muscle glycogen could theoretically translate into an increased capacity not only for endurance but also for high-intensity exercise, like bodybuilding, as well.

Garcinia cambogia is a fruit that grows in southern India that contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA). Studies show that hydroxycitric acid is a potent inhibitor of citrate lyase, an enzyme primarily found in the liver, which is vital in regulating fat metabolism. At the cell level HCA molecules begin a sequence of events which result in fewer fatty acids being synthesized and therefore less fat is available for storage. With less fat stored in the cell, the build up of body fat will be less.

Why should I use Pyruvate?

There has been some recent data that suggests that in conjunction with a low-fat diet, Pyruvate can increase the amount of energy that the mitochondria (a region in cells where compounds are used to create energy), uses as well as possibly inhibiting fat production in the body. For athletes or persons looking for weight loss, this can mean a natural added boost to your fat loss efforts.

What research has been done on Pyruvate?

Various research studies have been done on Pyruvate that were conducted on humans in a double-blind, placebo manner. These studies have shown that supplementing the diet with Pyruvate has had a significant effect on sustained weight and fat loss. Subjects in these studies enhanced fat loss up to 48%. It should be noted however that these studies were conducted on obese women and not on well conditioned athletes. In addition to these studies, others have shown that supplementing with Pyruvate increased muscular endurance through an infusion of glucose and glycogen.

What doses of Pyruvate should be taken?

There are no definitive studies showing what doses of Pyruvate are most effective. However, many scientists believe that taking anywhere from 2-6gm per day can have significant results.

What side effects are caused by Pyruvate?

Pyruvate has thus far been shown to be extremely safe and effective. No known side effects have been reported.

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