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Chrysin Supplement Review

What is Chrysin? or Flavone X

Chrysin is the chemical name for a type of isoflavone molecule that has been demonstrated to be a potent aromatazation blocker. In other words, Chrysin minimizes the conversion of testosterone to either estrogen or DHT (dihyrdotestosterone). 

So what. What's the big deal about testosterone conversion?

When blood levels of testosterone reach a certain point, testosterone begins converting to other less anabolic chemicals. Aside from this lowering your testosterone levels, the conversion can also lead to some of those annoying high estrogen symptoms such as sensitive nipples or odd changes in your male sex organs.

Where does Chrysin come from?

Chrysin is extracted from a fairly rare plant called the Passiflora Caerula. It is a natural extract yet more powerful than most anti-aromatase drugs you might be familiar with. 

Who should use Chrysin?

Any gym trained athlete who is serious about keeping blood testosterone levels high should think about taking Chrysin. It isn't the cheapest product out there; but substances that honestly work rarely come cheap!

What will I see during Chrysin use? 

Athletes with high blood testosterone will train and recover better on Chrysin than without. They will get bigger and stronger faster and with less annoying side effects.

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