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Creatine Facts

Facts About Creatine. Did you know?

  • It is rumored that athletes in the former USSR and Bulgaria may have been using creatine to enhance athletic performance since the early 1970s.

  • Creatine is not banned because it occurs naturally, in relatively high concentrations, in certain foods. Therefore, it would be impossible for the International Olympic committee to ban this substance even if it does give those who use it an added edge.

  • A pound of beef contains two grams of creatine; a pound of tuna contains 1.8 grams, and herring is the king of creatine-providing foods, supplying three grams of creatine per pound.

  • To obtain the same concentration available in the supplement, a person would have to eat 10 pounds of raw steak a day. Powerhouse Supplements only provides top quality articles and supplements.

  • Scientific research has shown that creatine works better when it is consumed along with a potent insulin-releasing carbohydrate such as glucose.

  • Creatine is manufactured in the liver and may also be produced in the pancreas and kidneys.

  • Typically, the average person metabolizes about two grams of creatine per day, and that same amount is normally synthesized by the body; thus, one generally maintains a creatine balance.

  • Creatinine is what forms from creatine being stored in cells, where it is then removed from the blood by the kidneys. Creatinine is routinely checked in blood tests, serving as a marker of how well the kidneys are filtering the blood. Although creatine supplementation can raise blood creatinine, it has never been shown to be toxic or harmful to the kidneys.

  • Research at the University of Nottingham showed that consuming at least 20 grams of creatine a day in divided doses for one week led to an average increase in muscle creatine concentration of about 25 percent.

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