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Supplement Review
EAS Phosphagain Protein Shake

Who makes Phosphagain?

Phosphagain was developed by (EAS) Experimental and Applied Sciences, the company that originally introduced Phosphagen (creatine monohydrate) and vanadyl sulfate to the market.

What is Phosphagain?

Phosphagain is a new dietary supplement designed especially for athletes who are trying to gain lean body weight fast, without adding fat weight!

What's in Phosphagain?

Each 58-gram serving of Phosphagain contains 180 calories, with only 1.5 grams of fat, 19 grams of carbohydrates, 20 grams of protein, and 50% of all U.S. RDA vitamins and minerals, plus a unique blend of cell volumizing nutrients which includes Phosphagen (HPLC pure creatine monohydrate), taurine, glutamine, yeast RNA, and a number of special trace elements and minerals.

How is Phosphagain packaged?

Phosphagain comes in a 2.6 pound container that contains 20 servings.

How does Phosphagain work?

Researchers don't understand the exact mechanisms by which Phosphagain promotes gains in lean body mass in weight trainers, but one theory is that it supports cell volumizing which is the uptake of water and nutrients by muscle cells. Some researchers believe that when muscle cells undergo super hydration, they build muscle faster and more efficiently.

How do you take Phosphagain?

Phosphagain is a delicious, easy-to-use dietary supplement that you simply mix with water or juice in a shaker or blender. The first five days you're on Phosphagain, you need to take it three times a day with or between meals. After the initial five-day "loading phase," you can cut back to a maintenance dose of one to two servings per day. An optimal "maintenance schedule" might be to consume one serving of Phosphagain on non-training days and two servings on days when you work out with weights - with one serving being consumed as soon as possible after a workout.

Does Phosphagain cause any side effects?

No significant side effects have been observed in Phosphagain users. Phosphagain contains no drugs. For people with milk or egg allergies or severe lactose intolerance, Phosphagain may cause some stomach discomfort.

Is it OK to use Phosphagain with other supplements?

Yes. No adverse reactions are known between Phosphagain and any other natural supplements. However, if you're using Phosphagain as directed, you probably don't need to take a carbohydrate supplement nor would you likely need an amino acid, protein, or vitamin and mineral supplement.

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