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Vince Gironda's Body Drag Curl

You'll be using a light barbell. Don't worry your muscles have no idea how much weight is on the bar. Men, start with the 45lb bar (or lighter if you haven't been training long). Ladies, find a 25lb straight bar.

Begin the movement in a normal curl stance: bar at your thighs with your grip about shoulder-width. During this exercise you'll bend slightly at the waist, unlike normal barbell curls.

Now, here's where it gets tricky. Instead of curling the weight up in an arch away from the body, as in a normal curl, DRAG the barbell up, keeping your elbows back at all times. Keep the bar in contact with your body throughout the curl. You'll drag the bar up to about mid-chest level (or a little higher if you can) and control it back down to your thighs. Concentrate on flexing your biceps the entire time.

After about 4-5 reps you'll really feel this in the belly of your bicep and you won't feel it in your delts. Just feel your way around the movement and you'll find the groove that suits you best. Standard barbell curls didn't do much for my biceps, but my front delts grew like crazy! Now my biceps are growing. Give this movement a shot.

Try this exericxse with the Gironda 10-8-6-15 routine. As the reps go down, the weight goes up. Finally, lower the weight and do 15 reps of intense pumping. This routine will definitely break that rut when nothing else will work.

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