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Build Your Own Homemade Squat Rack

Q. Has anyone built a squat rack? If so, can you pass instructions my way?

A. This is very low tech. You can do it yourself if you have an arc welder, or a MIG or TIG. Or if you have a brother-in-law who has one or someone you know who works in a machine shop.

The square channels used for the power racks are very standard, and cheap. Any metal shop can get them, or has them. Buy regular steel, same thickness they have in the gym. I see in my book that we have 2"x2" square tubes with .250" thick walls. This should be enough, I don't remember what the dimensions of a squat rack are, but you can also get 2-1/2" x 2-1/2", or 1-3/4"x1-3/4", or 3"x3". And if you think that .250" is too thick, or too expensive or whatever, you can get .188", .150", .134", .125", .110" thick walls, etc.

After, you drill holes at the height of your nipples. This is where the bar has to be.

And don't forget the safety bars. They must be just a little bit under your flexion position when you squat. This to avoid the bar breaking your bones if you (when you) collapse after a set to failure.

For those bars, I recommend thick steel tubes. In my book, you can buy 1.050" diameter tubes, with .125" thick walls. This will make you good safety bars.

There is less than $50 in metal in a squat rack, when you can get wholesale prices.

To build your own squat rack and make it worth the effort, you have to have access and knowledge in the use of welders and metal sawbenches, and access to a source of metal channels and tubing.

Of course, your squat rack will not be chromed like those in your gym. For that type of plating, in quantities of just one, you would pull your hair off your head if you had to pay for having it chromed.

So your squat rack will look plain, kinda like Rocky's (in the first movie) if he had one. I think this is a cool, easy project. I thought of rolling my own squat rack before, but I really do not have the time for that. Also, I am not sure where to purchase the olympic bar (the barbell). Of course you could make your own, but these bars are a standard, and unless you really have access and knowledge in metalworks, it will be by far cheaper to purchase it directly. And if you don,t give a toss about having the "real, official" bar for your squats, then it is very easy to make your own halters and barbells with steel tubes.

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