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MCT Oil Supplement Review



Although there have been many supplements that have come and gone, MCT Oil is one of the most effective still today. MCT Oil ( Medium Chain Triglyceride ) has been used to treat fat malabsorption, obesity and cystic fibrosis. This is also one of the better researched supplements on the market today.

Your body uses MCT Oil and burns it rapidly for energy. In a study where 20 healthy men ingested a single dose of either MCT oil or canola oil. Then Blood samples were taken prior to the dosing and then at one hour intervals over five hours. Triglycerides, or blood fats, actually decreased 15% for those taking MCT Oil whereas fats increased 47% with the group taking canola oil.

MCT’s are immediately burned to release energy, rapidly oxidized and not stored as bodyfat whereas LCT are stored as fat. Some of the energy released by MCT’s is released as heat in the process known as thermogenesis, thus you burn more calories per hour. So replacing MCT oil for conventional fats in the diet will result in much less bodyfat. Insulin stimulates fat storing enzymes to store any excess calories into fat but with MCT oil, these enzymes are less active avoiding fat storage.

MCT oil also has anticatabolic properties, it spares body protein and improves nitrogen balance, thus increasing body weight by protein retention not bodyfat. MCT oil also spares the BCCA, as it is converted into Ketones which are released into the blood stream and used as fuel. Thus sparing the BCCA and making them available to build muscle instead of being burned as fuel.

MCT’s vs LTC’s

  • More soluble
  • Are absorbed as fast as glucose
  • Enter circulation in the bloodstream within several minutes
  • Are emptied from the stomach rapidly
  • Require less bile and digestive juices for digestion
  • Have a lower melting point

MCT’s also have 8.3 calories per gram – two times the calorie density of protein and carbohydrates. MCT’s are generally safe to supplement with except for those with medical conditions ( consult your doctor if not sure ). Just remember, MCT’s do not supply any EFA, the best sources for these are safflower oil, canola oil or olive oil or fish.


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