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Static Contraction Bodybuilding Fitness Training

Static Reps To Grow Muscle

Static reps are done by holding a weight in a fixed position, usually fully contracted, for an extended period of time. They are typically done for 1 or 2 reps only and the weight should be helped for 15-25 seconds although the actual optimal time is still up for debate. The are easier to do on certai exercises and impossible on others. For example, flies, leg extentions, and side raises are great exercises to use statics on, but deadlifts or squats would be bad exercises. They are very intense on pulldowns also.

 First, you can do a set to positive failure and once you cannot complete any more, have someone help you get the weight to a fully-contracted position and hold it up as long as you can and lower it under strict control until you have finished the rep. You could also just pick a weight 10-30% heavier than your normal weight for that exercise and either use a cheat rep or have someone help you to get the weight in the fully contracted position. Then hold it as long as you can and lower it under control until the rep is completed. If you do them alone and not after a set of positive reps, you may want to so 2 static holds instead if one.

This is a great technique to use, but don't use it too much or it will overtrain you. Mike Mentzer once told a story of a guy who was stuck on his leg extensions for 2 complete cycles. Mike then had him perform static holds only for 2 or 3 workouts. Then when he went bacl to positive reps, he went up again. They are intense for sure.

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