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Sopharma Tribestan Review

What is Tribestan?

Tribestan is a completely natural non-hormonal herbal (phytochemical) biostimulator derived from the plant Tribulus terrestris L., Bulgaricum. It is a natural herbal alternative to synthetic anabolic hormones without any clinically proven toxic effects.

Tribestan administration leads to increased muscle mass in active sports by activating the enzyme associated with energy metabolism. At the same time it has also been reported to have the ability to stimulate some functions associated with the increase of the body's natural endogenous testosterone and luteinizing hormone (LH) levels. With the increase of the body's natural endogenous testosterone level, it can help alleviating some symptoms associated with male menopause.

Nearly 20 years of experience with natural herbal Tribestan oral administration has seen no toxicity and negative effects to date.

What is Tribestan used for?

Since the body's natural testosterone promotes protein synthesis and positive nitrogen balance, the benefits for the professional or the recreational athlete engaged in active training and workout, are muscle cell growth and increased body strength as well as faster recuperation and recovery from muscular stress.

On Muscle Growth & Body Strength:

For years, Tribestan has been used by athletes of the Soviet Bloc. The Bulgarian strength athletes have also used it extensively with effectiveness. Tribestan has passed all the drug tests at every competitive level and has been used with significant results by top professional athletes as well as by recreational sport participants with no contraindications, no toxicity and no side effects. With its good safety profile and its natural herbal origin, Tribestan is sold as a dietary supplement in many countries with little restriction on its use.

What's in it?

Serving size: 1-2 tablets 3 times daily during meals
Each tablet provides:
Tribulus Terrestris: 250mg
Microcell: 193mg
Cabosil (aerosil): 100mg
Polyplasdone XL (Crospovidon): 40mg
Polyvinylpyrrolidone: 30mg
Talc: 12mg
Film coating: 10mg
Magnesium stearate: 5mg

Tribestan vs. Tribulus Terrestris:

It takes 2000 lbs of Tribulus Terrestris to make just 40 lbs of Tribestan. So you can see that by taking Tribulus Terrestris in the attempt to get enough of the active ingredients in Tribestan, you would have to take 50 times as much. In comparison, you can think of tribulus terrestris as the orange and Tribestan as the juice.

How does Tribestan work?

Tribestan causes the body to release luteinizing hormone, which sends a signal to the testes to produce more testosterone. It also prevents the body from recognizing that it is producing higher than normal levels. This is a critical factor why Tribestan works so well.

Usually when testosterone production is e elevated above the normal range, the body will recognize that and the release of luteinizing hormone will be diminished. But Tribestan blocks the message to reduce testosterone production and makes the body think that test levels are still low so that more luteinizing hormone is released.

How long should you take Tribestan?

Tribestan should be taken every day for 8 weeks. The typical dose is 3 tablets daily (750 mg) for people under 200 lbs and 6 tablets daily (1500 mg) for people over 200 lbs. Tribestan is active in the body for approximately 8 hours, So you need to take it 3 times per day to ensure that your body continually releases luteinizing hormone, which results in testosterone production. Testosterone levels can be elevated by as much as 40%.

After an 8-week cycle, you should stop taking it for 2 weeks because the body will begin to recognize that Tribestan has been sending a "false signal" indicating that the body should produce more testosterone. Your body doesn't really need to produce extra testosterone but Tribestan causes it to any way. Once you have used Tribestan for 8 weeks, the body will no longer continue to produce excessive testosterone. However, after ceasing the use of Tribestan for only 2 weeks, the body will respond to it again. The 8 weeks-on, 2 weeks-off schedule can be continued indefinitely.

Do you need to take Tribestan if you're on steroids or any prohormone products?

It's imperative that you use Tribestan if you're supplementing with any external source of testosterone . If you don't use Tribestan while you are on steroids or prohormones, over time, your own testosterone production will decrease and, in some cases, shut down completely. I recommend using Tribestan even if you are not taking steroids or prohormones. You will still benefit greatly from increasing your own testosterone production.

If Tribestan is so powerful and increases your own testosterone production, does it aromatize? Can you get "gyno" (bitch tits) from taking it?

Absolutely not. In fact, the opposite is true. Tribestan is so amazing because it will normalize estrogen levels in the body. If your estrogen levels are too high, it will decrease them to normal levels. And if they are too low, Tribestan will raise them to normal levels. Most people are leery of heightened estrogen levels, but if they are too low they can go into a catabolic state more easily.

Is it dangerous for women to take Tribestan since it increases testosterone production?

Not at all. Women should take it. There have been clinical studies on menopausal women that show Tribestan can reverse the effects of menopause. Testosterone levels in women become slightly elevated, but not enough to result in any masculinizing effects. They are able to lose body fat more rapidly, increase strength and lean mass with no water retention. Women will not experience any negative side-effects from Tribestan use. However, they need to stop taking Tribestan 5 days before their period. Then they can resume. When luteinizing hormone levels increase in women, follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) does as well to keep hormones in balance. (FSH levels do not increase in men).

How long do you need to take Tribestan before you notice results?

Since Tribestan was initially used as a treatment for impotency and sterility, within a few days men will usually notice harder and more frequent erections. Women usually experience increased sex drive. But to get the full muscle-enhancing and strength-increasing benefits of Tribestan you have to use it for at least 4 weeks (preferably 8 weeks, if you really want to experience results). You'll be stronger in all your lifts and have more endurance in the gym. But to gain noticeable muscle, you need 8 weeks of Tribestan. Even steroids don't have much effect if you only take them for 1 or 2 weeks. You have to stay on them long enough to allow your body to utilize what you're giving it.

Why does Tribestan come in blister packs (foil strips)?

Tribestan is sensitive to air and moisture and can easily lose its potency if it's not protected in an airtight package. That's why it's not encapsulated and bottled like Tribulus terrestris is. Even though a bottle may be airtight, the capsules are not. So every time you open the bottle the capsules are exposed to air and moisture which will decrease the strength of the ingredients.

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