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What is Vanadyl Sulfate?

Vanadyl Sulfate is a compound designed to mimic the powerful effects of insulin. Insulin is the body's main anabolic mechanism for post-exercise storage of nutrients such as glucose, creatine and amino acids. Insulin also plays a key role in stimulating protein and glycogen synthesis. Higher levels of glycogen in the muscles can lead to increased energy and can aid in prolonging exercise sessions.

Why should I use Vanadyl Sulfate?

As is the goal of many of today's top supplements, including Creatine Monohydrate, L-Glutamine and HMB, Vanadyl Sulfate is used in an attempt to boost strength levels and enhance gains in muscle size and strength. Vanadyl Sulfate acts as a potent insulin mimicker. When insulin levels rise, especially in a post-exercise environment, carbohydrate metabolism is potentiated, and glycogen and protein synthesis are increased. What does this mean for a weight training athlete? Simply put, by increasing the amount of glycogen being stored in the muscles, post-exercise fatigue recovery times are decreased. In addition, after just a few weeks of use, users typically experience harder, fuller muscles that feel "pumped." The feeling of being hard and pumped is a direct result of Vanadyl's insulin mimicking abilities and increased levels of glycogen in the muscle cells.

What research has been done on Vanadyl Sulphate?

Research studies on Vanadyl Sulfate have shown many of it's insulin potentiating abilities to be confirmed.

What doses of Vanadyl Sulfate should be taken?

While there have been no definitive studies as to what dosage of Vanadyl Sulfate is best, research typically dictates that anywhere from 15-45mg, especially right after an intense workout, is enough to exact Vanadyl Sulfate's insulin mimicking abilities.

What side effects are caused by Vanadyl Sulfate?

As of yet, no known side effects have been reported or documented from the use of Vanadyl Sulfate. As with all supplementation, better judgment is the key to success.

Should I cycle Vanadyl Sulfate?

The scientific studies that have been done on Vanadyl Sulfate did not uncover any compelling evidence that cycling Vanadyl Sulfate can be advantageous, but many athletes do so anyway. Continued use of Vanadyl over a prolonged length of time can lead the body to "down-regulate" it's effects. Therefore, cycling might be advantageous.

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