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Why Vegetarians and Bodybuilding Do Mix

By John Marshall

With bodybuilding simple is better. If you aren't getting sufficient protein in your diet, then your not giving your body what it needs to repair itself and help to give the best results possible. So what could be more simple than a natural diet for optimal results.

Were not talking to those desiring to be freaks, were talking to those who want the best result possible, without jeopardizing there health. First, lets get to the bottom of what it means to be Vegetarian, as well as the different kinds of vegetarians there are. Vegetarian diets are Lacto-ovo, meaning no eggs, meat, fish or poultry. Vegan is no animal products or byproducts, including honey dairy, eggs, meats, fish and poultry.

My advocation of the vegetarian lifestyle is an extention of my belief that Natural bodybuilding is the best way to go. Great natural physiques include Steve Reeves, John Hansen and Jack Lalane, and Jack by the way is vegetarian. Synergy is the key, a natural diet, an invigorating workout and you can receive great results. Lets do a sample of daily meals.

Vegetarian Bodybuilding Diet

Example 1	                                       Example 2
Meal 1: Oatmeal (With Rice or Soy milk)	               Meal 1: Banana
Meal 2: Soy protein drink	                       Meal 2: Bean burrito
Meal 3: Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich	       Meal 3: salad
Meal 4: Piece of fruit	                               Meal 4: Soy pattie, veggies
Meal 5: Soy burger pattie, potatoes and veggies	       Meal 5: Soy protein drink
Meal 6: Soy protein drink
*Drink 100% Juice, Gatorade or water with meals.

I recommend the drink spirtein as your meal replacement drink. Spirtein is soy protein drink with spirlina and bee pollen, and despite the great ingredients the is cheap compared to other protein drinks.I prefer the ready to drink ones.I also sometimes make smoothies using fruit and plain yogurt. Some would argue that Soy protein is an inferior protein source. To that I say soy protein is good for your heart as well as your muscles. In fact, the FDA acknowledges that 25 grams of soy protein may help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Most natural food stores and some supermarkets carry meat alternatives. Eat nuts,beans seeds and veggie burgers.The Iron vitamin is only in animal products,so you'll need an iron supplement. I like Boca, gardenburger, and Tofurky products. For my juice I drink juice that is always one hundred percent.

Don't forget the value of drinking water.I cannot stress enough the value this because it offers so many health benefits.Increased bowel movement, clearer skin, decrease chance of dehydration, better digestion. I prefer spring water or purified water.

Remember this isn't all about vanity, its also about being healthy. Forget the no carb low carb craze, the right carbs are good for you. Slow burning carbs like oats, yams and brown rice give you nutrients all day. Its more healthy in my opinion to eat a variety of food groups.

Remember you can still go out and eat every once and a while. Depending on where you live there are a lot of vegetarian restaurants available. Chienese, Italian and Mexican restaurants tend to offer meatless options as well. Never focus on what you can't eat, but rather think about what you can. In fact your options will increase greatly, as you'll be trying foods and recipes you never thought about trying before. So the next time someone tells you that vegetarians are at a disadvantage when it comes to bodybuilding. Tell them that vegetarians are not at a disadvantage, in fact they have the advantage. You see, its not just about building bodies, its also about building health.

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